Every year we get asked what do I need to bring to Dreamflight? Below is a list of suggested items to bring. We hope this is helpful when you start your packing!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Things to Bring to Dreamflight

  1. Backpack or Bum Bag ( Warning: Do NOT call it a fanny pack in front of the kids; this is a derogatory slang word in the UK. )
  2. Suntan Lotion
  3. Cooler for your hotel room to keep drinks in. (Cheaper than buying it from the store or vending machines. )
  4. Rain Poncho – A must for rainy days AND especially to prevent yourself from getting wet. It’s difficult to push a wheelchair and carry and umbrella.
  5. Cameras – You may want to purchase a cheap water camera for those water days.
  6. Hawaiian Night – – Grass skirt or Hawaiian items for the luau we sponsor for the children.
  7. Cowboy Night – – Bring your best western wear and cowboy hat.
  8. Adult Appreciation Dinner – – some folks bring nicer clothes to wear for this.
  9. When at Sea World and Islands of Adventures you get very wet so you may want to bring extra clothes for these days.
  10. Water shoes for the water days, a must for Blizzard Beach and Discovery Cove since we walk the kids out into the water and it is rocky.
  11. Very comfortable shoes since you will be on your feet most of the day.
  12. Refillable water bottle if you like to have your own or a camel pack.
  13. Hat to protect from sun.
  14. Goofy hats, etc. since we all tend to get “goofy and silly” during the week.
  15. Remember to bring all medicines because you won’t be able to leave the hotel to go home at night.
  16. Cell phone calls, texting and emails need to be kept to emergencies or off duty hours.

Looking forward to seeing you all at DREAMFLIGHT

Debbie Zwegat

Weekly Coordinator


From Dreamflight UK: Please be advised that no Dreamflight Weekly or Daily should be posting pictures on networking sites like Facebook and My Space for example. We also ask that you refrain from accepting network site friendships from Dreamflight children. This is for the safety of our Dreamflight children as well as volunteers.