Great! You clicked on the Volunteer tab, which means that you would like to hear how you could help to bring happiness to the children of Dreamflight.

Let’s start by telling you a little about the way in which Dreamflight works.

Every October a chartered British Airways 747 aircraft arrives at Orlando International from London’s Heathrow Airport where the departure army saw them off. On board are the Stars of the Show, 192 deserving children who are excited and about to begin the vacation of a lifetime. Along with them are a Team of Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, a Technical/Video Team and Cabin Crew along with Dreamflight Trustees and Support Staff. The team has been working hard for the past year to get to this, the Main Event.

When the plane arrives at Orlando International a team of US weekly volunteers is waiting to greet them aided by the marvelous Customs and Immigration officials who do their best to whisk the party through the formalities as quickly as possible, the airport fire personnel who provide a welcoming arc of water to announce the plane’s arrival and the local police riders who provide an escort from the airport to the hotel. Add to that the baggage handlers who ensure that every piece is safely delivered plus the fleet of bus drivers who stay with the party for the week and you can start to get a feel for the size of the endeavor that is needed to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible and that nothing can prevent the children from having a wonderful time.

So, where do you come in? Essentially there are two categories of volunteer; Weekly and Daily.

Weekly Volunteers

To be a Weekly you must have been a Daily volunteer for at least one of the previous Dreamflights. The role is very demanding and requires you to spend the entire ten days with your group, including residing at the hotel for the entire time and assisting the Group Leaders and Medical staff with the care of their children. There are 12 groups of children and each of them has a requirement for three to four Weeklies meaning that upwards of 50 US based volunteers give their time to the children for the whole of the week.

Daily Volunteers

As a Daily you will volunteer for one or more days during the time the children are in Orlando. You will commit to spending the whole day with the Dreamflight group that you are assigned to, reporting to the Rosen Plaza on International Drive by no later than 7:30am in the morning and being with the children until the bus returns to the same location by about 6:00pm that evening. You will be introduced to the children as you ride to the Park and will spend the day immersed in the Dreamflight moment by being with them as they experience the wonders of the day.

Let’s try to answer a few questions

What are the requirements of a Daily? : We ask that you are over 21 years of age and are physically fit (the days are long and spending a Day at a theme park can be very demanding). You must love being with children and be committed to helping children realize their potential…and making sure they are safe and having FUN. No heavy lifting or medical training needed, we brought those skilled folks with us. However you will need to fill in a few forms, for the safety of our kids and you.
When will this happen? : Traditionally Dreamflight visits Orlando during the latter half of October with the Daily volunteer days being from Monday to Saturday.

What Did I Sign Up For? : A day at one of the Parks, the Big Parks of Disney, Universal or Seaworld.

What will I be doing? Each Group has a Leader and you are their extra hands and eyes. Pushing wheelchairs, telling Jokes, riding the rides and, oh yes, getting wet if you should join us on the day that we visit the water park or when riding the log flume or water ride at the theme park.

What will happen when I arrive? You will check in at the Dailies reception desk and will be given your group tag, which you will wear for the day. When all of the Dailies are assembled you will be given a briefing, which will give you a general outline of the things that will happen during the day. You’ll be given your group T-shirt and asked to go and join your group. This is where you become a Daily…. This is where you can be told today you are a Duck or a Pooh, perhaps a Shrek…. We have 12 Groups all with their own individual charm and talent.

How much will it cost me? Dreamflight covers the cost of entrance to the theme park. However you are expected to cover the cost of your own meals and refreshments when at the theme parks.

OK. Now that you have read more about being a volunteer, if you would like to apply to be a part of the team as a Dreamflight Daily, then please click on the contact tab above. Simply provide us with your name, email address and telephone number together with a message telling us which days you are available. You will then receive an email reply from us which will provide you with confirmation of your volunteer days and a link to enable you to complete and electronically sign the necessary application forms. Upon completion of the forms the application process will have been completed and we will look forward to seeing you on the agreed days. Please bring a photo ID with you on your volunteer days.

Thanks for being a Dreamflighter.