Five Things We Love About Florida!

We asked, and Dreamflight VICs answered! Here’s our recent social media countdown of the top 5 things we all love about the Sunshine State when Dreamflight comes to town each October! (The weather definitely has to play a role – right?!?)

No 5: The Sunshine!

Had to be. Anyone would love to escape the UK in October for sun-drenched Florida and temperatures of around 28C/82F. But there’s an awful lot more than just the weather to excite the VICs…



No 4: Meeting the characters!

From Mickey to Minnie, from Shrek to the Simpsons, who doesn’t love a cuddle from their favourite animated stars? The gorgeous Disney princesses are pretty lovely too…



No 3: Our wonderful American helpers!

Fearless firemen, friendly-faced Floridians, frequent fliers who come from afar, the US adults helping Dreamflight to soar join the team to give the VICs a holiday they’ll never forget!



No 2: Water, water everywhere!

Parks, pools, rides and activities. Slip down a slide, brave a river raft and swim with a dolphin, the water fun never ends!

Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 16.42.28


No 1: The food!

Ice-cream lovers, we’ve got your back!



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